at One raw superbars: 100% natural, Vegan, No added sugar, Paleo friendly, Gluten-free.


What’s so special about At One bars?

At One bars are all-natural. There are no additives - we let the simple, pure ingredients in each bar do the talking. Most other snack bars include glucose syrup, added flavours and preservatives, because in those bars, cheap ingredients are processed within an inch of their lives so flavours, colours and sweeteners have to be added so they don’t taste like cardboard. We want you to enjoy pure goodness, knowing you are eating an all-natural product that is beneficial for your body.

Isn't this just another muesli bar?

A muesli bar is made with grains such as oats, wheat, barley and rice. To moisten the mix, ingredients such as processed vegetable oils, glucose syrups or just plain sugar are usually added, to make the bars stick together. The sad fact is that most everyday muesli bars are made with the cheapest ingredients that can be found, quality is not a concern.

At One's healthy snack bars do not contain any grains and are completely gluten-free. We don't add any oils (except of course a wonderful organic coconut oil), refined sugars or other additives. Our ingredients are just dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds, nothing else. So whether you're paleo, vegan, refined-sugar free, gluten-free, or just after a quick healthy snack to give you the energy to get you through a busy day, At One superfood bars are for you!

Why are At One bars raw?

We do not cook or bake our bars in any way. All of the ingredients are mixed together and cold pressed to form the bar that we all love. All of the fruits that we use are naturally dried, whilst the nuts and seeds are raw. Our aim is to provide a product that is minimally processed, so the ingredients are as close to their natural state as possible. This means that your body gets the maximum amount of original, unmodified and unadulterated goodness. That’s why At One bars are pure goodness in the raw.

So there’s absolutely no additives in your bars? Not one?

That’s right, not a single additive. No colours, flavourings, sugars, preservatives, or bizarrely-named modified syrups, oils, gums or grains. There’s no sulphur in our dried fruit, and no trendy added sweeteners such as agave or stevia. No E numbers or other disconcerting elements. Absolutely, positively and totally free of anything artificial – ours is just real food.

I have cut fat out of my diet as I want to lose weight. Can I eat At One bars?

At One bars contain no trans fats and very low levels of saturated fats. The 6-7g of fat in each bar is made up almost entirely of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are good fats that nutritionists agree are good for your cholesterol, may reduce your risk of heart disease and help your body use many important vitamins like vitamins A and D. There are many different weight loss strategies, and most agree that eating highly nutritious foods, managing your caloric intake and increasing exercise are key to losing weight. Eliminating good fats from your diet is not actually a healthy idea.

Are At One bars Paleo and Primal friendly?

Both Paleo and Primal diets provide guidelines for healthy eating which are based on Humanity’s ancestral eating habits. The central tenet of these diets is that people should consume natural, un-processed foods only, with no processed sugars, no trans-fats, no grains and limited dairy. Given that At One bars are raw, minimally-processed, contain fruit, nuts and seeds only, with no added sugar and no grains, they are the perfect convenient snack for those living either a Paleo or a Primal lifestyle.

Are your bars a diet product?

At One bars are wholesome, all-natural snack foods which will satisfy your appetite and give you around 650-700kJ of clean, nutritious energy. They are not designed specifically as a diet product, however, with their valuable quantities of nutrients, plus fibre, protein and healthy fats, they do serve as an excellent and filling all-natural snack. Many gimmicky diet products use dozens of heavily processed and industrially-manufactured ingredients including artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, so they can claim lower levels of fat or sugar.

At One bars are made with minimally processed, raw ingredients, so the bars are full of natural goodness, with no additives whatsoever. You don’t need a science degree to understand what our ingredients actually are!

How do At One bars last so long if they don’t contain any preservatives?

Our bars don’t contain chemicals like 220 (sulphur dioxide) which can trigger asthmatics and allergies. Instead, the natural raw fruit sugars in the bars and the vanilla act as natural preservatives. This combined with the high-quality packaging we use which does not allow oxygen, moisture or UV-light inside the packet, means that our bars can stay fresh and tasty for more than a year.

At One bars have no added flavourings, but isn’t it OK to use natural flavourings?

The term ‘natural flavouring’ is often used very broadly in the food industry. It just means that the flavour being used is obtained from natural sources, including modified wheat compounds or animal sources that are a far cry from the food that you think you are eating. For example, castoreum is used as a natural strawberry and raspberry flavouring, and it is extracted from the scent glands of a beaver. By not using any added flavourings, natural or otherwise, we at At One let the real fruits and nuts provide the flavour in our products. Which also means you can be sure our products are cruelty-free and honest.

Do you use activated nuts in your bars?

Activated nuts are nuts that have been soaked in salted water (to initiate germination), then dehydrated at a low temperature. It is thought that this process increases the nutrient value of the nuts and makes them more digestible.

We use raw nuts in all of our bars. We do not use activated nuts. Nuts for Life, an organisation which represents the Australian tree nut industry, says that there's almost no research on almonds or any other nut that indicates whether activation actually improves the digestibility and nutrition of the nut ( We have taken the view that we will not activate the nuts in our bars, as we want to minimise the processing that our ingredients go through. The important thing is that the all-natural proteins and good fats contained in almonds and other nuts mean that our bars are highly nutritious and satisfying in a sustained way.

Are your ingredients organic?

We endeavor to use the best ingredients possible in making our bars. Our entire family eats them by the truckload, so we want a nutritious product that is great for you and for us. We use organic ingredients where we can, but at times the organic supply of certain ingredients is limited, or is not suitable. It is our goal to be 100% organic, and we are constantly working towards that goal.

I cannot find At One bars in my favourite store. How can I get the store to stock them?

Email us at, telling us which store you would like to see our products in. We would love to stock our bars all over the country, so we will contact that store and do everything we can to make it easier for you to get your At One fix! It also helps for you to ask your storekeeper directly - if they know that a customer will buy a new product, they are much more willing to take it on.

Are At One bars allergy-friendly?

Our products are suitable for people with many different allergies. They are made from naturally gluten-free ingredients and are therefore suitable for coeliacs and people with gluten intolerances. The bars are also all vegan (contain no animal products of any kind), so people with egg or dairy intolerance can eat them safely.

We do use various tree nuts in our ingredients, such as almonds, hazelnuts and pecans. We do not use peanuts or sesame, so our products are suitable for people without allergies to tree nuts.

It is important to remember that we do use a shared production facility. This facility is HACCP certified (the leading industry food safety protocol), as well as being organic, Kosher and gluten-free accredited. So you can be certain that in our production process we are extremely careful to prevent any allergen transfer from one production run to the next. However, it is possible that traces of certain allergens may be present in our products from time to time.

Our raw superbars are made from premium raw ingredients found in Australia and around the World.