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Ultraman Robbie Andrews


Robbie Andrews talks about his 3rd place in Ultraman Australia 2015 in Noosa.

You’ve done some incredibly gruelling events, but Ultraman must surely be the toughest. What was your motivation for undertaking this extraordinary challenge?

Yes this was one of the toughest races I have done, I think the hardest part was pacing each day, EG should I have gone harder or easier, so then I would be ok the next day, It worked out ok, even though I felt tired each day I was still able to push hard.

During the 22 or so hours that you were out on the Ultraman course, you must have had some dark mental moments. Tell us about the toughest, and how did you fight through it?

Ultraman AustraliaI had a lot of fun on Day one it seemed to be over before I knew it, Day 2 I struggled a bit, I had stomach cramps and I just had to slow down and keep my support close to me for moral support as well, they nursed me through the bad patch and I ended up feeling better as the day went on. Day 3 was epic, I felt great until about 65kms in then it was hard to keep putting one foot in front of the other, I really had to dig deep to get to the end, my support crew were fantastic they kept me going right to the end.

How do you manage the volume of training for such an event without getting injured?

I think im lucky that I have been doing endurance training for about 20 years so my body copes ok with the volume, but there is a limit and I found it at about 30 hours of training a week, any more and I struggled.

The dust has settled now, would you do Ultraman again?

Absolutly, im hoping to go to Hawaii in 2016!!

What’s next on your sporting calendar?

Not sure yet, if I don’t go to Cairns in 3 weeks I will no Doubt pick out something to keep training for, My training Buddy Tony Bryan and I will have a few coffee meetings and decide on another race

What is your nutrition philosophy? How do you keep yourself sustained both in training and during endurance events of 8+ hours?

I try and lead a simple life with food, (except after a race when Junk food is my friend)
I stay away from Dairy and Gluten as much as possible – More a choice than any other reason, everything else is just in moderation, but mainly I stick to whole foods.

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  • 03/06/15

    Amanda, South Melbourne

    An epic race indeed. Unlike an Ironman, Ultraman is a team event as you need 'your crew' around you to ensure you're fuelling enough and for them to dig you out of that pain cave you find yourself in more than once. A massive achievement not only for the race but the training either side. We hope you're enjoying your recovery and we look forward to following your journey to Hawaii - we have a few friends hoping to be there too.

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