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Sweet Mesquite!


Mesquite powder is an incredibly nutritious and tasty food that many people are just discovering. High in protein, with a sweet, nutty flavour and low GI, it is a great sweetener alternative, without the carb load! Read on to find out why we love it!

mesquite podsMesquite powder is ground from the bean-like pods of the mesquite tree, which is commonly found growing wild in arid parts of South America and South-West USA. It has a sweet, nutty, caramel-like flavour that makes it ideal for desserts and for use as a natural sweetener. And with a GI of just 25, mesquite powder is great in maintaining stable blood sugar levels. For centuries, Native American tribes have ground the mesquite pods into a powder for use as a flour or sweetener. 

Health benefits of mesquite powder

  • A good source of quality, plant-based protein (16%)
  • Rich in the amino acid lysine
  • High in soluble fibre
  • Low GI
  • A good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc
  • Gluten-free

How to use mesquite powder?

Given its unique flavour and low GI, mesquite powder is great to use in the following ways:

  • Raw foods - unlike regular flours, mesquite powder does not need to be cooked to taste great. As well as adding a wonderful flavour, mesquite helps raw cookies, balls and crusts bind together.
  • Sweetener - because of its mild sweetness, mesquite can be used to reduce the amount of sweeteners such as sugar in a recipe. Or you can replace them completely with mesquite, although you need to be careful not to overdo it, as mesquite does have a strong flavour.
  • Raw Cacao - mesquite goes brilliantly with raw cacao, this is our favourite use for this superfood. It tames the bitterness of the cacao nicely.
  • Smoothies - mesquite is great in fruit smoothies and green smoothies, it adds a little sweet flavour and gives a nice protein and fibre boost.
  • Baking - mesquite can be used to replace a portion of the flour in baking. Don’t completely swap out the regular flour though, as the mesquite would dominate the dish.

We hope this inspires you to start experimenting with mesquite powder. Most good wholefood stores have started stocking this superfood, and it is increasingly available only. If you have any questions or comments about availability or how to use mesquite, please leave a comment.

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