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Living the Paleo Way


Natural movement, real food, healthy mindset.  This is the motto behind Primal Influence, a health and fitness coaching business created by Aimee Clark and Clint Bauer.  Aimee and Clint take the principles of the Paleolithic era, when human beings were living in their most natural state, and adjust them to suit modern times.

AO: What is the biggest misconception about the paleo diet?

leafy greensAC: That it’s about eating mostly meat! We like the quote “If you’re not eating more veggies than a vegetarian, you’re doing it wrong” because it’s pretty much true. Besides, the fact our caveman ancestors wouldn’t have had large amounts of meat to gnaw on whenever they felt like it, humans can only process so much protein in one sitting. Veggies, especially cooked, are easily digested and have loads of essential nutrients which we need for our cells to function properly. Meat is important but in small amounts, and of course, high quality grass-fed and free-range.

AO: You are strong proponents of a primal lifestyle. What lead you to this point?

AC: We both come from typical personal training backgrounds and have both had health challenges. Clint used to be overweight (at least 113kg at his heaviest), shy, quiet, and had very little confidence. I suffer chronic poor health, probably since birth, have had 2 major lower back injuries, and have always looked for ways to become well and feel good for the long-term. Clint lost a lot of weight the standard way, with lots of exercise and cutting out calories and fat. He may have looked trim but he didn't feel good. When Clint discovered the Paleo Diet he got excited about being able to eat fat to get healthy, among other 'strange' 'new' concepts (which actually aren’t new at all!). I remember him saying one day “Apparently I can eat bacon and eggs and get healthier! Great!”

As Clint’s journey toward eating differently evolved he also learnt about Natural Movement and the whole philosophy behind it, which then lead him into the world of Natural Living. We refer to that as the Paleo Lifestyle; living more as nature intended. I slowly got into it because Clint was starting to feel better, he was enjoying life more, and I wanted that for myself. I didn’t just follow his lead, I learnt a lot about it and it just made total sense to me; to live more the way humans are designed to live, and not just with food, or movement, or mindset, but with a balance of all three.

AO: Tell us a little more about the philosophy behind Primal Influence?

AC: Clint started Primal Influence originally as a Health and Fitness Coaching business. You could describe it as 'personal training' but we prefer not to because his style of training isn't like typical personal training. The motto is 'natural movement, real food, healthy mindset' because, having spent a few years working as a typical trainer just working his clients really hard physically each session, Clint evolved to an understanding that it takes more than just exercise to become healthy and happy; he realised nutrition and mindset actually play a much larger role. He also wanted to steer away from 'exercise' and more toward natural human movement. So the idea is basically that those 3 main aspects - movement, food and mindset - need to be balanced in order for us to achieve the best health we can. Using principles from the Paleolithic era when human being were living in their most natural state and adjusting them to suit modern times is the basis of what we do.

Primal Influence has continued to evolve and now also includes paleo-based cooking demonstrations and workshops hosted by me, a variety of other events such as Forest Therapy workshops, Primal Play sessions and lots more. Promoting the Paleo Lifestyle any way we can!

AO: To the uninitiated, what are the key aspects of the primal lifestyle that you would recommend?

paleo camping retreatAC: There are so many parts of our life we can simplify but we’d suggest first looking at how much time is spent outdoors (or not as is the case for most of us!) getting nature time. Humans are natural beings, it’s natural for us to be in nature. Yet we’re cooped up in houses, offices, cars and on public transport. We spend so little time out in nature letting our senses enjoy everything around us. We found the more we made an effort to be outside in nature, barefoot, moving naturally, relaxing, exploring, reconnecting with the earth, we slowly started reconnecting more with ourselves. That’s huge! Most people are so disconnected from their true self, just with how society and lifestyle is these days. But by spending more time in a natural environment and being natural, we can reconnect with our own selves and feel happier and healthier within.

Then go a step further and introduce natural aspects to the home and work place! More plants around, salt lamps and beeswax candles to clean the air, natural foods and products. Start small and gradually increase at a pace that feels good for you ☺ But get outside to be in nature as often as possible and notice the positive differences it makes.

AO: I want to eat paleo, where do I start?

AC: We suggest starting by filling your plate with paleo-friendly foods to crowd out the not-so-great foods you’d been eating that are probably causing inflammation within the body. For a full range of suggested foods to include and avoid check out the Live Life Primal page on our website.

By slowly getting used to not eating the unhealthy foods and eating more of the good stuff you’ll adapt physically and emotionally. And remember … it’s a journey! Baby steps work well for some, whereas others might prefer to get stuck into paleo overnight. Whichever you prefer, always try and find joy in what you do and make choices that feel good to you and that really resonate with you. Many people drop off specific diets and eating plans because the desire to eat that way didn’t come from within. Make changes when you’re ready and enjoy the ride!

AO: You have a ‘Paleo Camping Retreat’ coming up later in this month. What will you be getting up to there and how do we get involved?

AC: The Paleo Camping Retreat with ourselves and good friend Dan (AKA the Aussie Paleo Chef) is going to be an amazing weekend away in the Sunshine Coast hinterland consisting of all our favourite paleo lifestyle elements; such as bushwalking, camp fires, awesome good quality locally-sourced food, lots of nature time to play and also relax, educational activities like cooking demo’s and a bush tucker tour, nature crafts and lots more! We really want our campers to unwind from their busy and stressful lives and to learn new things, meet new people, and hopefully start to reconnect with nature and themselves again.

The event starts Fri 24 July and finishes late morning on Sun 26th. We’re even doing a ‘Christmas in July’ for the Saturday which will be fun! Dan is working on a paleo eggnog recipe and we have some fun in store for everyone ☺

There are a few spots remaining and registration ends Fri 17 July, so people can book here and come along for an unforgettable and unique weekend away.

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  • 02/07/15

    Tony Casey from Three Apples Organics Moree NSW 2400

    We were so glad to have Clint & Amiee out to Moree to hold some workshops. The Sunshine coast is so lucky to have them and this is a great interview really enjoyed reading it. keep up the great work guy's.

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