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Hemp Seed: Superfood in Waiting


Do you eat seeds such as chia, sunflower and flax seeds?  

hemp seeds superfoodThese seeds and others are great to include in your diet as they’re highly nutritious, being good sources of plant-based proteins and a wide range of vitamins and minerals.  In comparison, hemp seeds (grown from a plant that is a cousin of the illicit cannabis plant) are considered to be equally or more nutritious.  With high levels of digestible protein, fibre and essential fatty acids, an ideal ratio of omega 3-6-9, containing all essential amino acids, hemp seeds are a vegan wholefood powerhouse! Add to that, the rest of the plant is commonly used for various purposes including clothing and building products. So its an all-round super-plant!

BUT, Australian and New Zealand governments don’t want you eating these incredibly healthy little seeds.  They have made it illegal to do so, based on the flawed premise that the availability of hemp seeds, which contain no psychoactive properties, would send a message to the public that marijuana is safe and acceptable.  This is despite the fact that hemp is legally available and consumed for food in all countries around the world, except Australia and New Zealand. 

This coming December, the Australian government is due to complete a 2-year review of a recommendation by Australia’s Food Standards Authority to allow the sale and consumption of hemp seeds.  A decision would then be expected in January 2015.

So, while we await a decision on whether or not our Government will allow us to eat our hemp seeds, we’ll just have to make do with using them as a massage treatment on our skin (hemp seeds can be purchased in Australia for external use only)! Lets just hope none of them find their way into our morning smoothie or granola ;)

We’d love to hear your thoughts on hemp seed and whether you’ve used them or would use them when the law changes. Given the amazing nutritional profile, they would go great in some of our raw superbar recipes, but alas this is not possible for now.

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