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Health and Fitness

Vegan Protein Infographic


Confused about all the different proteins out there? If you need to boost your protein, we prefer vegan proteins to avoid the bloating and gas that many people get from whey. Check out the pros and cons in our infographic!

8 Reasons Why We Love Almond Butter


Almonds. You've gotta love them for their rich flavour and incredible health benefits. But lightly roast them and grind them just the right amount and they are taken to the next level!!

Real Food Running: Part 1


I'm obsessive about two things; 1. simple, wholefood nutrition, and 2. endurance running.

Recovery Smoothie


This cacao blueberry recovery smoothie is delicious. And with 18g protein and 60g carbs, it has the perfect nutrient combo to help you recover from that run, ride or gym session, without anything heavily processed or unnatural.

Supplements: Essential to Health, or a Waste of Money?


Supplements are a billion dollar industry in Australia. And they make promises just as big! But do they live up to these promises?

Why Eat Wholefoods?


There’s wholefood grocers popping around you and more and more people are talking about wholefoods. What exactly do we mean by wholefoods and why should we eat them?

Why You Should Eat Turmeric: Turmeric Recipe


Turmeric is an ancient spice that has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant in both the Chinese and Indian medicine systems for over 4,000 years. Belonging to the ginger family, this spice has a thin brown skin and a deep orange flesh that is responsible for the vibrant yellow colour of many Indian curry dishes.

Life Lessons On The Run: Ultra Trail Australia


As a mad keen ultra marathon trail runner, I was super excited to take on Australia’s premier ultra-trail race recently, the 100km Ultra Trail Australia in the Blue Mountains on May 14th. I posted a video the day before the race, reflecting on why I undertake these sorts of events and how I see them as a metaphor for the challenges that we all must face throughout life. Checkout the video below:

Probiotics, Inflammation, and Kombucha!


There's an elephant in the room! As a society we're sicker than we've ever been, yet we've never spent more money on health care.

Good Food: Simple, Clean and Natural


There's an incredible buzz around good, simple, clean and natural food right now! Checkout the latest trends from superfoods to paleo from the recent Natural and Organic Supershow here.

Weight loss: How many calories per day?


Weight loss is a real issue that many of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives. With our desk jobs and busy lifestyles, its incredibly hard to balance all aspects of our lives, and our physical health and weight can suffer the consequences. We've been told in the past that we can lose weight by counting and restricting our calorie intake. But is that the answer?

Healthy Food Choices


Do you run around the supermarket in a mad rush like me? Do you ever think you should take more time to check if the food you’re putting in the trolley really is healthy? But you just don’t have the time?

SMART Health and Fitness Goals


Do you want to know the sure-fire tips and tricks to achieving your health and fitness goals?

Top 5 Dirty Secrets of Food Marketers


You're probably eating insects, GMOs and more. And you don't even know it! Read on to see what tricks Big Food companies employ to fatten their profit margins at the expense of your health!

5 Top Tips for Healthy Eating


Start your year off with these simple tips for healthy eating that you can do now!

Coconut Health Benefits


OK so you love coconut water and can't get enough coconut oil, but why are they good for you and what are all the other coconut products in between? Checkout our handy infographic to find out!

Get Strong; Lose Weight!


Keep fit, get strong, lose weight, stay healthy. 

Pilates: Getting to the Core


Kristi Leeson is a highly qualified Physiotherapist, Pilates and Xtend Barre instructor. Kristi explains here why core strength is about so much more than just 'the plank'!

Living the Paleo Way


Natural movement, real food, healthy mindset.  This is the motto behind Primal Influence, a health and fitness coaching business created by Aimee Clark and Clint Bauer.  Aimee and Clint take the principles of the Paleolithic era, when human beings were living in their most natural state, and adjust them to suit modern times.

Embrace Your Winter Cravings, Kat Harding


Staying motivated when the mornings are darker, the evenings are longer and the food is warmer is hard, and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s really a struggle to get out of the comfort of my cosy bed in the morning, even when the sun is up! 

Mad for Adventure


Brad Harrison's take on adventure racing and why he does it.

Paleo Bars and The Primal Blueprint


Paleo bars are everywhere, but are they all really paleo?

Ultra Natural Nutrition: 5 Tips for Running an Endurance Race on Whole Foods


I’ve been an ultra-marathon runner for over 8 years. In that time, I’ve consumed massive numbers of sports gels, heavily processed sports bars and sugar-laden energy drinks. Marketing had told me that this was the best way (nay, the only way!) to fuel my endurance nutrition requirements. But at the age of 40, my body was rebelling, and I had to work out why. Was the problem in my food?

Eating Whole Foods, with Fiona Harrington


Fiona Harrington is a qualified Nutritionist, health writer and self confessed brunch-junkie. When she's not at her day job inspiring the sisterhood at Lorna Jane through the Move Nourish Believe Blog, you'll find her basking in the Brisbane sunshine, discovering new breakfast spots and deeply connecting with a gratitude attitude to life.

Buckwheat: Yes, it's Gluten-Free!


Do you have a namesake that you’d rather not be associated with? Someone that keeps getting into trouble, that nobody likes? Well spare a thought for Buckwheat!

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