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Get Strong; Lose Weight!


Keep fit, get strong, lose weight, stay healthy. 

There are endless amazing claims made on the front of packets right now. Simple and basic just doesn't cut it anymore. Everything has to have some incredible impact.

Keep fit, get strong, lose weight, stay healthy.

weight lossAccording to some packets, these things will all happen if you just eat their product. What about exercise, a varied diet of vegetables etc? No, just eat this bar because its a wonder bar! And whatever you do, don't turn the packet over and read the ingredients. Oh no. Sugary syrups are normally right at the top of the list, with artificial numbers common as well.

Then you've got stuff that you can't even pronounce, emulsifiers, and so on. But don't worry, the colours and flavourings are natural. Of course they are, crushed pregnant scale insects and beaver gland excretions are completely natural. Just not what you'd expect to find in your yoghurt or muesli bar!

What are some of the typical claims and ingredients?

I recently saw a product that just said 'weight management' on the front. No explanation as to how this product helped you manage your weight. So if I eat this product with a can of coke, is that helping me manage my weight? Or do I just eat this product all day? How can I manage my weight with this product if there's no reference to the other things that I'm even eating, let along the other things I'm doing in my life such as exercise.

Then there's a protein product that has the statement 'get strength, be fit, feel toned'. What? All I need to do to get, be and feel these things is to eat this product? I don't need to do any weights or exercise?

Of course I'm being facetious, and it might be obvious that people aren't going to think so simply. But the point is, these comments and labels have absolutely no meaning, yet they're designed to influence your purchasing decision.

Think about it. You're running around the store, rushing to get your groceries done on your way home from work. You need some snacks to give you a bit of good, clean energy and nutrition after your regular gym workouts. Ok, you'll need something with some good nutrition, a bit of protein, some clean carbs and a bit of fibre. Ah look, this product says 'get strength, be fit, feel toned'. I haven't got the time to read the label, but it must be good if it says these things. You buy the product and the fancy marketing job is done!

Little do you know that this product has an ingredient list of over 30 different ingredients and glucose syrup is one of the first ingredients, so its packed with sugar. Are you starting to see the problem?

Now the product on the shelf next to this one, makes no extraordinary claims. Its honest about the fact that no single food product can change your life and produce incredible health results on its own. But that product may be simple, fresh, made with just a handful of wonderful ingredients. It could even be a carrot, have you ever seen carrots advertised with statements such as 'see like a hawk, be as strong as a lion and have glowing radiant skin'? No?

So what's the answer?

Knowledge! We need to understand how our foods are made. We need to understand that there is no silver bullet to health and well-being. Eat the right foods, absolutely, and that's a great start. But the right foods are normally not the one's that make outrageous promises.

And then there's the other aspects of health that are crucial. What you do to move and exercise everyday, and also your mindset. Forget these things and there's no way your going to 'get strength, be fit, feel toned'.

So from now on, we should all start to #flipitover. That's right, flip the packet over to see what it is you will actually be eating.

If you see an ingredient list that takes you more than a few seconds to read, you've got a problem. If you see numbers, you've got a problem. If there's things you cannot read or understand, or words that require you to have a deep understanding of chemistry, you've got a problem. Lets get real, folks. If it doesn't sound like food, it probably isn't. So lets start eating real food. Along with exercise for the mind and body, this is the only way towards long-lasting health. I'm sorry, but there's no shortcuts!

So #flipitover, take a photo, post it on Instagram or Facebook! We'd love to see your photos of the products with great ingredient lists that you're using! 

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