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Compression Shorts Review: Cheeta Recovery


Product Review: Men’s CR Shorts

Price: $45
Use: 9 runs on both roads and trails, cumulative distance 167km

100km is a long way. Particularly when you’re running it on the mountainous trails of one of Australia’s National Parks. I run trail ultra marathons, just for fun, and I’ve been hitting my local trails for plenty of training runs over the past 4 months in preparation for my next 100km race.

It was about that long ago that I discovered the guys at Cheeta Recovery. With a selection of sports compression gear for all occasions, and at incredibly reasonable prices, I was eager to give their gear a try. So we arranged a swap, At One superfood bars for compression gear, then I set about trashing the Cheeta kit on the trails!

Comfort and fit: score 4/5

Cheeta compression shortsWith my height and slight weight, I was right on the edge of the S and M sizes on the sizing chart. I ordered the M as I had been caught out with a pair of compression shorts from another brand that were too small and almost choked me when I put them on.
My first impression when I put the Cheeta compression shorts on was that the waist band was quite wide and it sat high on my waist, higher than what I normally wear a pair of shorts. I felt the need to roll the waist band down slightly for a more comfortable feel. This is what I did every time that I wore the shorts, it seemed a little strange to do this at first, but in the end its just what I did and it really made no difference to the fit whilst wearing them.

The compression was pretty good, but if I was fussy I would say they could have been slightly tighter for me. I sat virtually between sizes and I selected the larger size, so this came as no real surprise. The great thing in this instance though is that the Cheeta guys offer a no questions asked exchange, so if you get the wrong size, you can exchange for the right one.

Performance: 5/5

In short, they did the job. After 167km I was happy. I recovered well, even after a long 30km run that I did in the shorts 2 weeks ago. I take a holistic view of recovery, stretching and nutrition are key. But I also rely on a good pair of compression shorts during a run, and compression longs post run to assist in my recovery. I have at times been susceptible to hamstring and glute soreness post long runs, but I did not experience this whilst wearing the Cheeta shorts. All-in-all, they get the thumbs up for performance.

Value for money: score 5/5

I’m a no-frills sort of guy. Show me the latest sweat-wicking, energy-return, quadruple stitched, blah blah technology, and I’ll fall asleep faster than a koala up a tree. In my eyes, that’s complete B.S. in order to justify charging $100 for something made in a Chinese factory for $9.50. That’s where the beauty of the Cheeta Recovery product presents itself. It performs as good as many of the other products on the market, but without the B.S. and the corresponding price tag.


The Cheeta shorts are a great, no-frills product that get the job done at a fraction of the price of competing big-name brands.

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