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Chat with Katrina Kehoe, Kehoe's Kitchen


Katrina started Kehoe’s Kitchen in early 2013 as a Facebook page enabling her to share ideas and photos of food inspired by the Gut and Psychology Syndrome(GAPS) diet. In starting Kehoe’s Kitchen, Katrina was able to combine her passions for photography, cooking and helping others. With two young children and multiple health issues that meant a heavily restricted diet, Katrina found her civil engineering background beneficial in creating recipes without the use of eggs, gluten and starches. Katrina now sells a wide range of organic hand-made fermented vegetables, yoghurts, cultured dips and cakes at the Northey Street Organic Market in Brisbane and at selected retailers around the country. 

Tell us a little bit about your journey that now has you making a fantastic array of fermented and raw food products.

When I started my healing journey on a strict Paleo diet I found it really easy as I just ate salads, eggs and meat. It got a little trickier a few weeks later when the whole family switched over to Paleo and I found myself learning to make paleo wraps, cakes, biscuits and ice-cream to keep the kids from feeling left out and happy with the change. Then we switched to GAPS, and instead of making treats I spent every spare second making functional healing foods like pate, meat and bone broths, sauerkraut, yoghurts, kombucha and Kefir. This meant I was spending loads more time in the kitchen as there were no paleo options for these foods anywhere at the time. Lucky for me I was a full time stay at home mother with a very supportive husband. When we started selling fermentation crocks at Northey Street Organic Market the coordinator suggested I make and sell my own sauerkraut, I thought why just kraut, GAPS families need help, especially the working mothers.

You make an incredible range of products that you sell at your market stall and at a growing number of stockists across the country. What are your most popular items?

Yes, I decided to make all the foods my family loves to try to support and inspire other families who wanted to do GAPS but don't have the time to invest in the kitchen. Our sauerkrauts are of course our most popular lines and as the local cabbage season is now starting we're putting the market stall on hold so we can make up enough sauerkraut to keep our national stockists supplied all year round.
Kehoe's sauerkraut

Could you explain the key benefits of the fermented foods that you make.

  • Populate the biome with a diverse range of natural selected WILD bacteria.
  • They act as a digestive enzyme to help digest and absorb nutrients from meals.
  • Our foods are fully fermented making them more acidic and higher in beneficial bacteria
  • They are high in bioavailable nutrients and minerals

Many people on restricted diets have trouble cooking and sharing meals with their family, especially their kids. How do you handle this with children aged 6 and 4?

We're on a Paleo / Gaps diet at home and then gluten free / casein free when out. GAPS diet is a temporary diet to heal, then you move on to add back in more starches like sweet potato, tapioca etc but keep the functional foods to maintain good health and immunity. My kids are pretty spoilt for food. I make them everything the standard dieters eat, just using wholefoods. We've eaten family meals ever since my eldest turned 1 so the transition was easy because we all ate together.

Diet advice is all over the internet these days, gluten-free, vegan, rawtarian, ketogenic, paleo, FODMAP, the government recommended food pyramid and many, many more. It can all be very confusing. What is your advice to someone who wants to eat healthily but is confused by the masses of conflicting information out there?

Easy, go back to basics and test your body to figure out what really works for you. I suggest the paleo diet is a great template to start with as it eliminates all the common foods that can cause inflammation. Try to eat as clean as possible, this means no preservatives, no colours, no flavours. Organic is important too as pesticides cause all sorts of issues for us and the environment. After you're settled into the paleo diet and used to cooking from scratch, feeling good and have some more energy add in cultured foods one at a time until you're eating a diverse range daily.

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