at One raw superbars: 100% natural, Vegan, No added sugar, Paleo friendly, Gluten-free.


Chocolate Ganache Slice Recipe (Paleo, Vegan, GF)


This simple 2-step chocolate ganache slice recipe is easy to make and it tastes amazing! Its the perfect paleo, vegan and gluten-free treat that everyone will love. Enjoy!

Amazing Raw Cherry Ripe Slice


Coconut, cherries, raw chocolate, OMG. And there's no added sugar or other nasties! Simple to make as well, try it today!!

Vegan Protein Infographic


Confused about all the different proteins out there? If you need to boost your protein, we prefer vegan proteins to avoid the bloating and gas that many people get from whey. Check out the pros and cons in our infographic!

8 Reasons Why We Love Almond Butter


Almonds. You've gotta love them for their rich flavour and incredible health benefits. But lightly roast them and grind them just the right amount and they are taken to the next level!!

Chai Smoothie


This smoothie is out of this world! Enough said...

Real Food Running: Part 1


I'm obsessive about two things; 1. simple, wholefood nutrition, and 2. endurance running.

Recovery Smoothie


This cacao blueberry recovery smoothie is delicious. And with 18g protein and 60g carbs, it has the perfect nutrient combo to help you recover from that run, ride or gym session, without anything heavily processed or unnatural.

Supplements: Essential to Health, or a Waste of Money?


Supplements are a billion dollar industry in Australia. And they make promises just as big! But do they live up to these promises?

Why Eat Wholefoods?


There’s wholefood grocers popping around you and more and more people are talking about wholefoods. What exactly do we mean by wholefoods and why should we eat them?

Why You Should Eat Turmeric: Turmeric Recipe


Turmeric is an ancient spice that has been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant in both the Chinese and Indian medicine systems for over 4,000 years. Belonging to the ginger family, this spice has a thin brown skin and a deep orange flesh that is responsible for the vibrant yellow colour of many Indian curry dishes.

Life Lessons On The Run: Ultra Trail Australia


As a mad keen ultra marathon trail runner, I was super excited to take on Australia’s premier ultra-trail race recently, the 100km Ultra Trail Australia in the Blue Mountains on May 14th. I posted a video the day before the race, reflecting on why I undertake these sorts of events and how I see them as a metaphor for the challenges that we all must face throughout life. Checkout the video below:

Probiotics, Inflammation, and Kombucha!


There's an elephant in the room! As a society we're sicker than we've ever been, yet we've never spent more money on health care.

Good Food: Simple, Clean and Natural


There's an incredible buzz around good, simple, clean and natural food right now! Checkout the latest trends from superfoods to paleo from the recent Natural and Organic Supershow here.

To-Die-For Coco Mint Choc Chunks!


Try this to-die-for home made choc chunk recipe. And its so easy!

Weight loss: How many calories per day?


Weight loss is a real issue that many of us have had to deal with at some point in our lives. With our desk jobs and busy lifestyles, its incredibly hard to balance all aspects of our lives, and our physical health and weight can suffer the consequences. We've been told in the past that we can lose weight by counting and restricting our calorie intake. But is that the answer?

Healthy Food Choices


Do you run around the supermarket in a mad rush like me? Do you ever think you should take more time to check if the food you’re putting in the trolley really is healthy? But you just don’t have the time?

Acai Superfood Bowl


Acai is an amazing superfood that is fantastic in a healthy breakfast bowl or smoothie. In fact, its the perfect pick-me-up for any time of the day!

SMART Health and Fitness Goals


Do you want to know the sure-fire tips and tricks to achieving your health and fitness goals?

Recipe: Banana Bread in a Bowl


Do you love a warm, moist banana bread? Well this recipe is for you, it will blow your socks off! Have it for breakfast, dessert, or any time of the day!

Top 5 Dirty Secrets of Food Marketers


You're probably eating insects, GMOs and more. And you don't even know it! Read on to see what tricks Big Food companies employ to fatten their profit margins at the expense of your health!

5 Top Tips for Healthy Eating


Start your year off with these simple tips for healthy eating that you can do now!

Coconut Health Benefits


OK so you love coconut water and can't get enough coconut oil, but why are they good for you and what are all the other coconut products in between? Checkout our handy infographic to find out!

Cacao Orange Fudge Bombs!


Scrumptious and super-easy recipe for deliciously fudgey, chocolatey, orangey bombs! Oh, and they're healthy too!

The Surfing Foodie


Tarnea O'Meara feels the best she has felt in her entire life. Her passion for surfing, food and travel has given her a reason to strive that little bit more throughout the day. Tarnea is currently chasing her dream of being a professional surfer whilst studying nutrition online and trotting across the globe experiencing new cultures. Tarnea hopes to inspire all ages to eat a little better, live a little more and aim a little higher. Nothing is ever out of reach.

Get Strong; Lose Weight!


Keep fit, get strong, lose weight, stay healthy. 

Pilates: Getting to the Core


Kristi Leeson is a highly qualified Physiotherapist, Pilates and Xtend Barre instructor. Kristi explains here why core strength is about so much more than just 'the plank'!

Barnardos Australia


We believe in children. 

Feel Good Food Packs


Everyone deserves to eat healthy food. Amber Magna has teamed up with Anonymous X to distribute 'Feel Good Food Packs' to Melbourne's homeless and disadvantaged.

Deliciously creamy coco-nutty porridge


Does the thought of a steaming hot bowl of creamy porridge, bring back memories of cosy winter mornings from your childhood?  Do you crave a yummy porridge but baulk at the thought of eating gluten?  Well we have the answer with this wonderful and simple gluten-free porridge recipe that is everything you remember about typical porridge, but a whole lot more!

Living the Paleo Way


Natural movement, real food, healthy mindset.  This is the motto behind Primal Influence, a health and fitness coaching business created by Aimee Clark and Clint Bauer.  Aimee and Clint take the principles of the Paleolithic era, when human beings were living in their most natural state, and adjust them to suit modern times.

Embrace Your Winter Cravings, Kat Harding


Staying motivated when the mornings are darker, the evenings are longer and the food is warmer is hard, and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s really a struggle to get out of the comfort of my cosy bed in the morning, even when the sun is up! 

Sweet Mesquite!


Mesquite powder is an incredibly nutritious and tasty food that many people are just discovering. High in protein, with a sweet, nutty flavour and low GI, it is a great sweetener alternative, without the carb load! Read on to find out why we love it!

Ultraman Robbie Andrews


Robbie Andrews talks about his 3rd place in Ultraman Australia 2015 in Noosa.

Mad for Adventure


Brad Harrison's take on adventure racing and why he does it.

Natural Way to Build a Business


How are healthy snacks, a career in high-finance and a week in the Sahara desert related? Read this My Entrepreneur article to find out!

Paleo Bars and The Primal Blueprint


Paleo bars are everywhere, but are they all really paleo?

Chat with Katrina Kehoe, Kehoe's Kitchen


Katrina started Kehoe’s Kitchen in early 2013 as a Facebook page enabling her to share ideas and photos of food inspired by the Gut and Psychology Syndrome(GAPS) diet. In starting Kehoe’s Kitchen, Katrina was able to combine her passions for photography, cooking and helping others. With two young children and multiple health issues that meant a heavily restricted diet, Katrina found her civil engineering background beneficial in creating recipes without the use of eggs, gluten and starches. Katrina now sells a wide range of organic hand-made fermented vegetables, yoghurts, cultured dips and cakes at the Northey Street Organic Market in Brisbane and at selected retailers around the country. 

Super Foods for Super Digestion


Through the experience of her own healing journey and fascination with natural medicine, Stacey Foat of Moment 4 Life Health and Living, aims to inspire her followers to dream a little bigger, to live a truly abundant, healthy, energized and exciting life. Having a degree in Nutritional Medicine, Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy and multiple other wellness qualifications, Stacey has a passion for working with women, specifically assisting with hormonal imbalances, menopausal symptoms, PMS, fertility, weight loss, sugar and food addictions and thyroid imbalances.   'Happiness is about following your passions and really knowing yourself. Self-love, self-acceptance and a belief that we can achieve and be anything we desire is the key ingredient to a truly abundant life.  Live Your Best Life.'

Food Magazine, 18 February 2015


At One Raw Superbars are an all-natural snack bar made purely from dried fruit, raw nuts and seeds, superfoods, and nothing else. It has no preservatives, no added sugar, no added flavours or colours. The bars have a rich, fudge-like texture, while the Cacao Incaberry bar combines the wonderful, slightly bitter taste of cacao with the sweet refreshing zing of incaberry and the Banana Pecan bar melds smooth, buttery pecans with caramel-like banana. 

Inside FMCG - 16 March 2015


Read about the importance of the retail pitch for new products, and about the Range Me pitch competition where At One was selected as a finalist for its product pitch.

Scotty Farrell: The Natural Athlete


Scotty has had a life full of sport.  From surfing, to water polo, rock climbing to his most recent passion triathlon, he has played it all at a competitive level.  Scotty considers himself to be a naturally fuelled athlete, choosing to fuel on whole foods only.  Through his studies as a Dietitian, his knowledge of the body and what fuels it the best, he has quickly become a respected age group triathlete, who has no ambitions of slowing down any time soon.   He started triathlon 5 years ago and hasn’t looked back.  Qualifying for Kona on his second attempt, he hopes to train and race well in order to give back to the Island and all his supporters, what they have given him.  Once the goal is set and the mind is made up, he believes anything is possible.  Priding  himself on good old fashion hard work, coupled with smart coaching and training to get there.  No secrets.

Chat with Stuart McGruddy - My Berries Founder


We talk all things raspberries, with former chef and now co-founder and product creator at My Berries, Stuart McGruddy.

Cacao: Food of the Gods!


Cacao. What exactly is it? Why is it good for you? How do to use it?

Chat with Mat Grills: aka The Tattoo Runner


Mat Grills is a Bundaberg based ultra-marathon runner with a penchant for tattoos! He has a fascination with the body's movement and has experimented with all sorts of footwear (most notably, none at all)! Health and wellness are a key focus for Mat, and in line with these principles, he fuels himself with a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet. 

Ultra Natural Nutrition: 5 Tips for Running an Endurance Race on Whole Foods


I’ve been an ultra-marathon runner for over 8 years. In that time, I’ve consumed massive numbers of sports gels, heavily processed sports bars and sugar-laden energy drinks. Marketing had told me that this was the best way (nay, the only way!) to fuel my endurance nutrition requirements. But at the age of 40, my body was rebelling, and I had to work out why. Was the problem in my food?

The Sweet-Sour Sensation of Incaberries


What is an Incaberry? How to use them. And why they're good for you.

Native Box Chat With Andrew Terlich


Read about the inspiration, passion and energy behind the creation of At One Foods and its wonderful range of raw superfood bars.

Eating Whole Foods, with Fiona Harrington


Fiona Harrington is a qualified Nutritionist, health writer and self confessed brunch-junkie. When she's not at her day job inspiring the sisterhood at Lorna Jane through the Move Nourish Believe Blog, you'll find her basking in the Brisbane sunshine, discovering new breakfast spots and deeply connecting with a gratitude attitude to life.

Tree Change a Winner for the Terlichs


YLM Noosa - October 2014

All-Natural Australian Raw Superfood Snack Bar Springs Onto the Market


After several years of sourcing, blending, testing, tasting, and many, many early starts feeding snackish folks at markets across South East Queensland, At One Foods are finally ready to let the whole of Australia experience “pure goodness in the raw”.

Hemp Seed: Superfood in Waiting


Do you eat seeds such as chia, sunflower and flax seeds?  

Sustainability Through Carbon Neutral


At One Foods has recently become a Green Supporter of Carbon Neutral. Through this support, we have committed to planting one tree for every online purchase of two or more boxes of At One Raw Superbars.

At One Foods: Pozible Launch


See where it all started with the At One Foods crowd-funding campaign.

Tara Terlich: The Weekend Edition Interview


Hear all about our co-founder, Tara Terlich, in Brisbane's The Weekend Edition.

Buckwheat: Yes, it's Gluten-Free!


Do you have a namesake that you’d rather not be associated with? Someone that keeps getting into trouble, that nobody likes? Well spare a thought for Buckwheat!

Our raw superbars are made from premium raw ingredients found in Australia and around the World.