at One raw superbars: 100% natural, Vegan, No added sugar, Paleo friendly, Gluten-free.

About us

At One Foods are all about being aligned with nature, both inside and out. We chose the name At One because it embodies the principles of being balanced and living sustainably on planet Earth. This is also why we are passionate about sourcing and using only the highest quality ingredients nature provides.

We believe that not all calories are created equal. Empty calories with little nutritional value fill the shelves of our supermarkets. Running on this type of fuel is a recipe for disaster – it’s silly too, given the abundance of scrumptious, wonderful, organic nourishment nature offers us! When we satisfy our appetites from the organic bounty of the planet, it’s not only better for our bodies, its better for the Earth too. That’s total win-win snacking!

By taking a balanced approach to healthy eating and using minimally processed, 100% raw ingredients as the basis of our bars, we create products that are pure goodness in the raw. The high quality nutrition and energy they provide will satisfy your hunger for longer, and help you power through your day successfully. Whether you are having a hard day at the office, running a marathon, studying for an exam, or chasing your kids around the park, At One bars are the perfect nutritious snack.

Andrew Terlich

Andrew Terlich founder At One Superfood BarsGrowing up on a farm with a passionate home baker and vegetable gardener for a Mum, Andrew has inherited the love of growing food for his family and a deep interest in preparing natural bounty with simple and respectful methods. He has also inherited a deep respect for Mother Nature from his family farming heritage, which stretches back for many generations of tending the earth to grow food. In his immediate past life, And‚Äčrew was part of the corporate whirl in Hong Kong, until he swapped the stressful life for a more tranquil existence on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Sport has been a lifelong passion, and it was Andrew’s love of trail running which really brought home to him the importance of our connection with nature. From that, an increasing awareness of the degree of un-naturalness in the Western diet planted the seeds of Andrew’s commitment to a more organic and natural way of eating.

Andrew is a successful ultra-marathoner, winning the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2010 ( and placing 32nd in the prestigious Marathon des Sables in the Moroccan Sahara Desert in 2012 ( “It was during the grueling 250km 7-day Marathon des Sables that I really started to question the additives in my food. The race involved self-sufficiency, and I was required to carry all of my food with me, which consisted of dehydrated camping meals, powdered sports drinks, as well as sports gels and bars,” said Andrew.

“Drilling down on the nutrition and ingredients in these products made me realize how much our foods have been tampered with in laboratories. I am appalled by the amount of additives in many processed foods, and the fact that we are constantly bombarded with clever marketing that coaxes us into thinking these products are good choices for our families. It was at this point that I committed to finding a better way. ”

By founding At One Foods, Andrew’s interest in nutrition, food, love of nature and creating a better life for future generations all come together.

Tara Terlich

Tara Terlich Founder At One Foods SuperbarsTara is an honest-to-goodness girl who always tells it as she sees it – and as she sees it, lab-created additives and mysterious numbers have no place in a healthy human body.

Tara has seen the world through many lenses. She was born in the Riverina, New South Wales, and at age 20 left her hometown of Wagga Wagga to experience the world. After four years in London and nine years in Hong Kong, her heart drew her to a simpler life back home in Australia, and she put down new roots on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Tara’s passion for food was born when she first skipped overseas 16 years ago and experienced the amazing and diverse culinary delights of the world. Through Andrew’s ultra-marathon adventures she soon found herself making good wholesome foods to fuel running humans.

Bringing three wonderful children into the world reinforced for Tara the importance of pure and nutritious foods for both active and growing bodies.

For Tara, Andrew and family, good healthy food is not just about eating, it is a down-to-earth recipe for living abundantly and well!

Our raw superbars are made from premium raw ingredients found in Australia and around the World.